“Burning Trotman” vs. “Mr. Trot 2”

There will be a serious battle for trot survival.

TV Chosun, which has sparked a trot craze, will launch “Mr. Trot 2.” What’s interesting is that Seo Hye-jin, former director of TV Chosun Entertainment, who created the “Mistrot” and “Mr. Trot” series at the same time, will broadcast “Burning Trotman” in a similar format after moving to MBN. In a sense, the match between the original and the original is expected to be a great match.

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“Burning Trotman” is the first program that producer Seo Hye-jin and writer Roh Yoon made after breaking up with TV Chosun, who became a hit in the “Mistrot” and “Mr. Trot” series. “Mistrot” and “Mr. Trot” recorded more than 30 percent ratings, creating a national syndrome and discovering new stars such as Song Ga-in, Lim Young-eun, and Kim Ho-joon. The production team who created such a program got together again and predicted the birth of a survival that covered all the know-how. The company plans to introduce a customized management system for participants to create a deep version of the trot audition.

However, the task is how to clean up the accumulated water. The paintings created by Seo and Roh have already been seen by viewers in recent years. In fact, “Mistrot 2” has not only achieved results that are not as good as the previous movie’s stronghold, but has also lost its popularity. This means that viewers are tired of the repeated format. The problem is that it is difficult to find a big difference between 불타는 트롯맨 투표하기 “Burning Trotman” and “Mister Trot” series. There is only a degree of discrimination that does not impose an age limit, but the basic program structure is almost similar. According to the officials, most of the panels are filled with people who appeared in “Mistrot” and “Mr. Trot.” Since it is easy to say “again?” in many ways, the key is how to make variations.

“Mr. Trot 2” completely changed, orthodoxy expectation… new challenge

“Mr. Trot 2” is an orthodox powerhouse recognized by its brand value. Since the program itself was an unprecedented hit, the expectations and credibility of the name itself are considerable. “Mistrot” Season 1, 2, “Mr. Trot” and “Tomorrow is the National Singer,” and “Love Call Center” and “Bongsoona School,” which are derived from this program, are already considered to be expected works. This means that they have secured a certain level of fixed audience even before broadcasting the program. In addition, “Mr. Trot 2” is recognized as an opportunity for “starring gate” and is easy to attract high-quality challengers as it is recognized as an opportunity for “starring gate” because it professionally manages the top 6 and 7 and provides various activities such as nationwide tours and various spin-off programs. MC Kim Sung-joo, who led last season, remained here. 불타는 트롯맨 투표 The key to the survival program is to make use of the tension, but Kim Sung-joo is an unrivaled MC in this category. “Mr. Trot 2” is a powerful weapon.

The key is whether Seo PD and Roh’s absence can turn disaster into a blessing. Fortunately, the risks are not expected to be significant. Producer Kim Sang-bae, former director of SBS Entertainment, is the one who has directed many programs including “Happy Saturday,” “Lee Seung-yeon’s Seisei,” and “Kim Hye-soo Plus You.” It means that you can create as many new pictures as you want. It is burdensome to start everything anew, but expectations are high as it can achieve even greater results if the crisis is over.

“Mr. Trot 2” and “Burning Trotman” are scheduled to air in the second half of the year.

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