Do you really need a health certificate?

Health certificates are essential when working in a restaurant, a cafe, or a school lunch facility. We have to make sure that there are no infectious diseases, but many people have to undergo mandatory tests every three months, or at most every year, and 11 million cases are issued every year. Recently, however, the cost of testing has increased due to the new coronavirus infection, and 40 years have passed since its implementation, so it is time to explore its effectiveness.

Let’s look at reporter Jung Hyun-woo’s report first.

Kim Eun-jung, who has been running a restaurant in Gyeonggi Province for 20 years, receives a health checkup every year to issue a health certificate.

You’re going to go to the National Health Insurance Corporation’s general checkup] We have to do something that didn’t have any problems. I tried to look at typhoid fever and tuberculosis, but I had never had it in more than 20 years.]

You will also have a general checkup through the Health Insurance Corporation, but you have to do a separate examination for your health certificate, so you can take some time.

After the spread of the new coronavirus infection, 보건증 발급 health certificate services were suspended at public health centers and medical examinations were required at general hospitals, but the cost burden increased.

Originally, it can be issued for 3,000 won at the health center, but you have to pay 15,000 won to 30,000 won at the most at the hospital.

The examination items for health diseases can be replaced by general checkups.

Food and beverage workers must not only have cooks, but also those who carry food in the hall, part-time workers and delivery workers must have health certificates called health certificates.

However, you do not need a delivery person on a delivery platform that carries fully packaged food.

The check-up cycle is shorter as it is once every six months and once every three months at entertainment establishments.

In 2019, a total of 11.72 million health certificates were issued at public health centers, and there are so many applicants.

The examination items are simple for typhoid examination, chest X-ray for pulmonary tuberculosis examination, and medical examination for infectious skin diseases.

Complaints about improving health disease have been going on for quite some time, but there are many complaints that the tests are formal and overlap with general checkups.

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