First round of recruitment for “Mr. Trot 2”

The planning company Mokoienti revealed the silhouette of singers K, D and S who challenged “Mr. Trot 2” on the 1st.

“As a singer who loves trot and has been preparing hard as an unknown singer, I ask for a lot of support from K singer whose bright smile is attractive,” he said. “D” has a unique and powerful tone, and he tried to hide his own tone as much as possible in humming.

Finally, “S” introduced her as “a singer who gives off professional confidence and model force rather than professional, and her hobby is drawing,” and “a singer who sings and dances like a midsummer shower with cool, pretty eyes and dimples.” Since he was an actor, Mokoenti whispered, “We will fully support his acting career.”

Earlier, Mokoenti revealed three of its singers who are challenging “Mr. Trot 2” only with their initials and shadow images. The singers will try to hide their names and faces in order to receive a thorough and fair evaluation in preparation for the second audition of “Mr. Trot 2” scheduled for September.

On the other hand, “Mr. Trot” proved to be a widely loved national entertainment program, ranking second with 14.5 percent after “Infinite Challenge” (16 percent) in the “Best Preference Ranking of All Time Entertainment” held by Gallup Korea in April. On the other hand, “Mr. Trot 2,” which returned with the know-how and upgraded composition of the original Trot Pro, 미스터트롯2 투표하기 is drawing attention as the most popular program in the second half of the year. The production team of “Mr. Trot 2” will complete the first round of applications by the end of August and begin face-to-face interviews in September.

TV Chosun’s original audition “Mr. Trot 2” is recruiting the first round of participants.

“Mr. Trot 2” which will be broadcast in the second half of 2022 is open to any man under 50 who loves Trot. As it is the second season of the original “Mr. Trot,” which has hit the entire generation, 1,050 men are enthusiastic.

According to the production team, not only active singers, but also hidden veterans, who have improved their skills, have submitted applications one after another, signaling a serious competition.

Such enthusiasm is recognized by “미스터트롯2 투표” as a gateway to rising stars. In the first season, “Mr. Trot” continued to provide a platform for continuous activities, including various spin-off programs, through TV Chosun for a year and a half, even after the competition ended.

Lim Young-eun, Yong-tak, Lee Chang-won, Kim Ho-joon, Jung Dong-won, Jang Min-ho and Kim Hee-jae, who are the top seven “Mr. Trot” players, are enjoying the highest popularity as trot stars.

A production staff member said, “The next trot star who wants to make himself known to the world put his life and death on ‘Mr. Trot 2’. Unexpected participants from various age groups are expected to become another syndrome. “We are accelerating preparations.”

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