Korail, change all subway lines. Traffic light type display for transfer stations

The subway map is easier to see.

The Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) announced on the 22nd that it has made a new map of wide-area trains that are easy to read.

KORAIL said, “The new route map was made easier to find routes by applying the ‘Wide Area Railroad Map Design Manual’ prepared for the expansion of metropolitan railway lines. From Line 1 to the newly opened Shinrin Line, 23 routes were clearly distinguished.

Jeong Kyung-hee, director of KORAIL Design Center, said, “Since the route map is the most important system for customers to find their destinations and decide their route, we designed it to minimize information acquisition barriers for foreigners and vulnerable people.”

Seo Geon-ki, director of KORAIL’s regional operations, said, “We have replaced all subway stations and train routes in the Seoul metropolitan area. We will make additional single route maps that can easily distinguish express and slow trains.”

While the thickness of the main line, which has many customers, was unified, the “branch line” and the Gyeongjeon line, which are divided into horizontal branches like the new line, were differentiated by the thin thickness.

In addition, transfer stations are displayed in the form of traffic lights, such as Seiryo-ri Station and Wangsim-ri Station, so that transfer routes can be easily found, and the colors of the routes that can be transferred are included in them. The sections where the route bends were connected by curves to ensure consistency.

KORAIL has released a new route map through the Let’s KORAIL website 서울지하철노선도크게보기 so that other transportation companies such as Incheon Line 1 and Line 2 and Shinbondang Line can use it.

Hanyang Suisakin, Gwacheon Government Complex Station, will be built on a scale of 7 floors underground to 22 floors above ground in Beonyang-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. It is a complex where officetels, offices and neighborhood living facilities are built together, and 288 rooms (254 rooms for general sale) will be supplied with officetels with a dedicated area of 23-55 square meters.

Subway Line 4 is currently operating at Gwacheon Government Complex Station, and the GTX-C Line and Gwacheon Wirye Line are scheduled to be reborn as triple stations.

The GTX-C line is a wide-area express train connecting Yangju to Suwon via Cheongnyangni, Samsung, Yangjae, and Gwacheon. Ten stations (planned) will stop in a total of 74.8 kilometers. If the GTX-C line is opened, it will be shortened to about 3 minutes from Gwacheon Government Complex Station to Yangjae, and about 7 minutes from Samsung, which will make it easier to approach Gangnam area.

In addition, the Gwacheon Government Complex is scheduled to have the Gwacheon Wirye Line, and the Indeokwon Station, which is one station away from Gwacheon Government Complex, will have the Wolske-Itabashi Line.

Hanyang Sujain, located at Gwacheon Government Complex Station, is located in the center of Gwacheon’s former city center, so you can enjoy the completion of Gwacheon’s infrastructure. Within a 200m radius of the complex, E-Mart’s Gwacheon branch and large franchise stores are concentrated, and government offices such as Gwacheon City Hall and Gwacheon Civic Center are also close to each other for a convenient life. Munwon Elementary School and Munwon Middle School are located about 500 meters away from the complex, and Gwacheon Foreign Language High School, Gwacheon Central High School, and Gwacheon Girls’ High School are located next to each other to create an excellent educational environment.

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