The nala flower mukge has excellent efficacy in improving obesity.

It has been found that the nala flower mukge has excellent efficacy in improving obesity.

The National Forest Service’s Mugunghwa Research Team confirmed on the 14th that “Peace” bud extract, a domestic breed of Mugunghwa, effectively suppresses fat formation and is effective in weight loss.

Roselle (Hibiscussabdariffa), a raw material for hibiscus tea that has excellent antioxidant activity and anti-obesity effects, is taxonomically identical to domestic mukugae.

The results of a comparative analysis of 200 varieties of Mugunghwa in Korea and abroad showed that the efficacy of each variety is very diverse. When hot water extract from the bud of peace is treated at a concentration of 10 g/mL, fat formation is reduced by 65%, and this effect is more than three times better than hibiscus tea.

As a result of normal diet, high-fat diet, and peace extract, which are used to induce obesity through high-fat diet, the peace extract reduces fat size and inhibits fat formation.

The high-fat diet group gained about 20 percent more weight than the normal diet group, 히비스커스 효능 but when high-fat diet and peace extract were taken together, the weight change was maintained the same as the normal diet group, and visceral fat decreased to 50 percent.

Analysis of visceral adipocyte tissue showed that the simultaneous intake group of peaceful extracts effectively suppresses the size of adipocyte tissue up to 31% compared to the single intake group of high-fat foods.

Seo Jung-won, director of the Forest Biological Materials Institute at the National Forest Science Institute, said, “This study is meaningful in that it can easily be used in leachate vehicles by extracting the bud of Mugunghwa with hot water.”

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